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Vindya Ayyar

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My Story

I love creativity. A proud defense officer’s wife, who has traveled widely in and around the country. This enhanced my exposure level and improving my learning curve to move upwards.  I was born and brought up in Chennai, one of the developed metro cities of India. My interest towards teaching paved the way to become a corporate trainer, however, I  began my career in the Navy school, Mumbai as a teacher for two years.

Psychology is my favorite subject, meeting new people is one of the most beautiful activities in my life. It makes me feel grounded and learn about different people.

I focused more on writing poems and articles in my free time, which helped to create my own website. In 2016, published my book, “Dews on the Cheek”, a collection of my poems. It is available on the Amazon India website.

Tarot reading happened because I felt it was a calling by divine connection and it gives me immense satisfaction when I could read for others.

According to me, ” Attitude is everything in one’s life”

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