Vindya Ayyar

My recent interaction with an accomplished scholar in special education opened up the bitter truths. It takes guts to love, yes I meant it, it takes guts to accept and love these special kids. “Tare zammen par” educated us on LD, one of the disabilities of a growing child. We all sobbed while watching. But the pathetic helpless status continues even now. RTE (Right to education) is another misunderstood word in our country. “Love” still tops in the list. RTE needs more clarity. Greedy parents do not want to miss the race, Ambitious schools want to maintain their reputation, and confused policymakers do not understand the practical difficulties. A special child is secluded, ridiculed and doesn’t learn in a regular class room set up. Their primary issues are, verbal behavioral analysis, Language and social skills, Intelligence, cognitive development, eye-hand coordination and finally to unlearn the learned behavior.

It is sad to see that our society and the education system failed to cater for their needs. These kids need love, inclusion and an equipped place to develop themselves. My appeal to our education Minister is to please look into this RTE. Let these kids learn in special schools. Make their life as heaven on the earth!





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