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Who am I? Am I really in love? Have I genuinely contributed or done just my duties? These kind of introspecting questions are essential in our life to make us understand our journey better. One thread which is holding us tight for the true answers for all these questions are “How emotionally we are attached?” Some people may say that it is a trap. And care should be taken not to fall in it.  Because it is often believed that “the more emotional you become…the more vulnerable that you prove!”  
But then…Do we have to have emotions? Can we lead a happy life without getting entangled? The questions may sound bewildered however…it is difficult to map clarity in our answers. Because they have more leading questions to it.
There are nine kind of emotions that we display depending on the situation according to Indian Mythology. They are…Love, Disgust, Anger, Laughter, Compassion, Fear, Heroic, Wonder and Peace. If we just pick up one emotion from this list and dominate it through our personality, it is going to bring a lot of predicaments in our life. So say yes! to all and have a complete control of your emotions. Each emotion has its own significance and therefore it is needed, If positive emotions are bringing us happiness, negative emotions do teach us to experience the insight of us. The real character comes out when we are pushed todo more than our limits or accept something which we never wanted!
I have spoken to people who have told me that…they would not like to show emotions or say that they believe in no strings attached relationships. I have often laughed from my heart when people make such statements. Because no man or woman can be without any emotions….it is only the degree varies from person to person. And they are not interested in that particular relationship or it doesn’t excite them emotionally. The positive or negative strokes that emotions give…is the greatest and nobody can escape!

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We are all happy to show our emotions openly however…the intensity of the consequences and to overcome it is the biggest challenge. Positive emotions give us happiness, confidence and hope for the best and negative emotions are filled with anger, grief, disappointments, fear and cheated. A chaotic mind is as persuasive as waves, it is relentless in the thought process. This triggers to make us weaker unless we understand and move ahead!!!
Being emotional is required in every field. Let me give examples…

  1. Politicians go emotional and that is the only way they can increase their vote bank.
  2. Films are based on emotions because it is the way to reach to hearts of the audience.
  3. Sportsmen do keep a coach to check his / her emotional quotient, when to aggravate and when to subdue.
  4. Even a Military man has emotions and passion for his job which is why he could withstand all the calamities.
  5. A business man plays with people’s emotions to sell his products.
  6. And a common man like you and me are the best targeted people to this because we are large in numbers.

Become emotional and passionate with your work, you will be successful! – It is heard in the corporate circle.
Why can’t you show your true emotions?  – A lover’s cry
Connect with everyone with your compassionate attitude and that leads to enlightenment! – Spiritual Gurus say!
So we should not feel inferior when someone says that we are emotional dominants. That is needed in life, instead feel happy that our evolving process has started much before them.
One more example, I would like to bring it here is…

  1. A king and queen lived, queen died and king also died.
  2. A king and a queen lived, queen died and out of grief king also died.

Which statement that we can remember? You already know what I mean!? The emotions tinged word “grief” made all the difference to us to ponder over more on this statement.
So I would still insist on getting emotional because it helps us in the evolving process. Cherish the happy moments and remember the lessons from the unpleasant ones. The “role” of emotions is, that they are not permanent. We can’t hold on to it for a long time. They dwell around us, serve their purpose and move on…!          emo 2

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