Vindya Ayyar

Communication is to “Connect” and Business Communication is to build the bridge!!!
In today’s world, everyone wants to speak and try to win over others, however, how much impact one can make and balance a win-win situation is imperative.
Communication is complete when the process of sending and receiving achieves the desired outcome. It can go wrong in some situations like,

  1. Misuse of words ( when we don’t know the right meaning)
  2. Misuse of usage ( under exposed people)
  3. Adding oxymoron and phrases ( out of ignorance)

English is not our native language, however we have been learning from childhood. “Emotions don’t have grammar, but English has”. Therefore, our language can be widely accepted if we have the knowledge to mix in the right goblet.
Professional communication has taken a roller coaster ride since a long time! Formal letters are converted into short mails and Text messages.  Apparently, speaking ability still plays a key role in opening up any new ventures.


The above mentioned all the “C” are as important as food, air, water, and shelter. It will be an uphill task to lead a convincingly happy life when we are made to forego any one of them. In the same way, communication is also a dynamic process which has to go through all together simultaneously.
In today’s fast world, people have no time to read a long letter or listen to a long conversation. Things have to be accelerated in the fast and furious way. And to achieve this, effective and selective expression play a crucial role in a business environment.
Knowing the right words at the right time will facilitate for a win-win situation. However, it becomes a fiasco when the usage goes haywire!

Misused Words                       Actual meaning

  1. Accept & Except ( agreeing and not including)
  2. Affect & Effect ( Influence on something and result of something)
  3. Lie & Lay ( untruth and an action for eg, lay the book on table)
  4. Imply & Infer ( Saying outright and Getting a conclusion)
  5. Farther & Further ( distance and more or additional)


Alternate words

  1. I like to talk to you – May I have a word with you?
  2. I can’t do anything about it – Let us try an alternative
  3. No – I have another view
  4. Common – shall we?
  5. I like it this way – I prefer it this way
  6. Listen to me – May I have your attention?
  7. Please hold – May I keep you on hold?
  8. But – However


Here are five words that should seldom, if ever, find place in our business intervention.

1. Really: It does not add any value to the conversation.

2. Perhaps: “Perhaps” – it only creates uncertainty. It is better to use definite words.

3. Amazing:  It is better to find synonyms that are more precisely descriptive.

4. Stuff: It is a nonspecific, filler word that some use to describe things, however this word does not any substance!!!

5. Got: “Got” is a versatile verb. But doesn’t mean “got” should  avoided in written form of communication.

The constructive English can help us to converse more effectively and serve clients, make huge volumes in sales and manage employees because “Connecting” to people is the need of the hour.

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