Vindya Ayyar

Being an Indian… “Is it clearly depicted in Karan Johar’s movies?”
A family who can speak flawless Hindi or their mother tongue even after spending more than two decades in the western countries.  All belong to an immaculate cluster and therefore children will listen to their parents, follow the Hindu rituals correctly.  This gives more clarity on Nonresident Indians.
 But who is called an Indian? We have celebrated Independence Day quite recently, and these questions put me in a confused state. Are we really free to do anything in this democratic country? And how can we define an Indian?
There are some default behaviors that we can boast about and few of the newly added laws have curtailed our freedom a bit more!
1.     Hard core Non vegetarians cannot eat what they want to eat.
2.     Some of the sites are prohibited completely, movies are banned, party time is restricted, and few books are not allowed to get published. However we are convinced that our entertainment supply is sumptuous.
3.     If we voice our opinion on any of the politician in the social media, we may be arrested.
4.     It is not safe to travel or be out in the late evenings even in metro cities.
5.     We believe in “Swaraj is our birth right!” But how many girl children are killed even before they take birth?
6.     When a girl / woman is raped and tarnished to death is given a title as an accused. Because she should have avoided provocative dressings or should not have ventured out of the house!
7.     Free bees are our universal weakness, and powerful people can buy the country by offering them on super discounts!
8.     Laws are tilted towards well-known people to escape through even from a tiny window. And poor remain as poor and Rich are getting richer.
9.     One third of the youth is aiming to go abroad to study and eventually to get settled down, and the other two thirds is like half cooked meat. We can neither have it nor throw it. So they wait for the right amount of heat ( experience or job)
10.                        Education is our primary concern but should not question the rulers on the constant changes in the system.
11.                        “Morality” is the loudest talk of the town so we oblige to moral policing.
12.                         Power cut, Traffic system, Roads, Pollution, Employment, Interstate issues for water and Electricity have taken permanent seats in the band wagon. Hence our tolerance level has become higher than the Mount Everest!
To conclude…freedom is not something that we have to accept for whatever is offered! It is time for us to make the rulers understand what we actually want! Demand…demand…and demand!!! No compromise on the quality of life as we have the right to live freely!


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