Vindya Ayyar

“If you believe in Miracle, then you believe in love!!!”

Ajay kept looking at the line on the screen, lip reading it for the fifth time.  All the stress he was going through was kind of vexing but he had a very sheepish smile when he read it again. A strong disbeliever in the “concept of falling in love”, he found that the words on the screen were quite appropriate.  

Yes…Miracles happen rarely and to a few people, in the same way…Love is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Dr. Ajay’s looks reminded one of the “Roja” movie hero Arvind Swamy but his personality suited his profession very well. He had a dimpled smile and a very approachable yet macho demeanor. He was only 27 years old, and had seen half of his life by then. Yes…a divorcee, rejected by his Ex-wife!!! Also denied by a few more women, because of their “forward thinking question” like “Is it okay if I go out with other guys also?” Ajay was a victim of one woman syndrome! It is quite a rare phenomenon in today’s fast world. As both men and women make instant decisions which lead to more choices. However Dr. Ajay wanted to be loyal to whoever he wanted to commit. 

It was a Friday, and he wished it to be one of the best days. There was no really free weekend to look forward to as his service may be required at any time. The people of the town considered it to be a city. And Dr. Ajay was not spared even during weekends, the sincere Doctor likes these unplanned calls because it helps him kill his boredom constructively. The day began with too many patients. Due to sudden rains, viral fever got spread rampantly, and the clinic was full of sobbing parents and crying babies.

By the end of the day…the clinic became almost empty and he realized that he had not had his lunch, with a hopeful smile he opened the drawer and checked for any special calls or messages. He felt disappointed as there was nothing waiting for him. Some unattractive numbers reminded a few more pending works.  The Doctor of the town consoled himself and went to the hotel nearby to have some snacks along with a cup of coffee.

He saw a young couple at the right corner table, the girl looked submissive, elegant but hesitant and with a pleading pair of eyes and the man perhaps her husband had an inflated “beer” belly, tall, clean shaven chocolate boy image however displayed spastic attitude towards the girl. Ajay tried to calibrate their mental status by observing them calmly and intensely.  His hunger pang was not in the priority list then, the more he observed the more he felt strong to continue. Just ordered for a “Paav bhaji”and a cup of coffee…Ajay decided to pay more attention to understand the conversation.

“What do you mean by this?”

You know exactly what I meant, a USA return can’t understand this???!!!

Girl was about to weep now…and pleaded him, you could have questioned me for all these before marriage itself. This embarrasses me and for god’s sake….please stop this.

I just wanted to have clarification for my own satisfaction, when you claim that you are clean…why not undergo this?

See…I am ready to do anything for you provided you put me in the comfort zone, this is more like a force and disbelieving my words make me feel so low and cheap…the girl blurted out with conviction.

I am not a fool, I have many friends who lived in the western countries.  They have shared their stories to me and I have never discussed or disclosed to anyone and they are my friends till date. What is your problem to undergo this small test?

There was a long spell of silence after this like a status of calm after the storm, and the man kept looking at her restlessly. But she ignored him by keeping her head down and Ajay could see her tears trickling down very slowly.

“I am dropping you home because I have an official tour to go to Bangalore.  I could have avoided it, but complied with my boss because you will get enough time to think. And also people will not get an idea of our disagreement. I shall be back in three days, so be a smart girl and be my wife!!!” the man barked!

The last line slaughtered her completely! “My wife”! What does he mean by this? Are there any distinct benefits or qualities one should possess to be his wife? What is happening to me? Can I talk to my parents about his orthodox mind set? Am I losing out my self-esteem now? Will he be suspicious even in future? Is this my “agnee parkishaa”? Do I need to prove? And for what? To be Mrs. Manish?There was a web of confusion and unwanted questions created ripples in her disturbed mind.

He stormed out, and she quietly followed.

Dr. Ajay understood her plight now and thought to himself that medical science is advanced for a positive and healthy life however the mind set of people is pathetic.

The next day, Ajay was astonished to see the girl in the OPD. She argued with the attendant not to write anything except her name and age on the form.  Attendant was not convinced and kept insisting on that it was a general practice to mention the complaint in order to enable the Doctor to address it easily. The girl was strong and told the attendant that it was for a specific consultation hence she should not be asked these mundane questions. 

Somehow she managed to get away from the “not so smart” attendant and proceeded to Dr. Ajay.

Ajay was watching everything with a smile, he knew the case but did not know how he could help her. She made a dashing entry and asked confidently “May I sit Doctor?”

Ajay liked that gait in her, wanted to sing the song…” tune maari entryaan dil mein bhaji gantiyaan” but got back to sense quickly,  Yes…Madam you can take your seat, he said it softly.

She introduced herself using some of the corporate phrases. “I am Sandhya, 27 years old, worked for an MNC in India for two years and shifted to the USA for a year. My domain was investment banking and held the responsibility of retaining our esteemed clients. We followed customer ready pattern and for this purpose I had to be socially active. It was more of a field job than a white collar job. I have made a lot of contacts and thus it became easy for me to achieve my set targets. All went on so well, however my five days old marriage is in a danger zone now. My husband wanted me to undergo   “virginity test” as he has a feeling that I may not be one! This is so because I lived in the USA for a year and my job demanded an erratic schedule.

Ajay listened to her patiently and in fact he enjoyed looking at her. She has soft eyes but medium size, quite fair in complexion, long curly hair enhanced her personality, hand gestures are typical lady like and the language was flawless.

With an assuring look, he asked her calmly….How could I help you in this regard? This town is big, however you still have to travel to a big city for these kind of tests, because things have to be confidential. And it is not possible in developing towns like these. You can take my number and call me tomorrow. I have friends who can supply information regarding this. And may I ask you something? Ajay mustered some guts to ventilate what was in his heart.
 She said…yes Doctor!

“Are you willing to go for it whole heartedly?” somehow Ajay probed this question. She felt depressed and eyes became smaller in size, she confessed in an unattractive tone that she did not want to! But continued that she had no other choice to save her marriage! Dr. Ajay anticipated for this sensitive moment and asked her politely “Did she really want to save her marriage?” and continued…Ms. Sandhya, I am sorry! This is your personal issue. But I could not control myself from revealing it because I saw you both in the Restaurant yesterday evening. The discussion was not at all healthy and warm. A man can be high-testosterone type, good looking, educated but if he can watch a woman’s cry without any reaction is certainly not a “MAN”. 

This is my view… you need not have to oblige! Forget everything…but remember only one thing in life…”relationship is worth fighting for and marriage is an institution but it takes two to tango! Fighting alone needs lot of patience and support. Do you have it in you now?”

Sandhya thanked him for his power packed words. She took the business card from Ajay and promised him to call in a day or two. The Doctor could see a slight change in her poise now, looked more confident and also saw radiance in her smile. This made him happy and felt that Sandhya should have a wonderful married life!

He made genuine efforts to get information for Sandhya and kept all details ready at the office, and also one more copy at his room. Because he wanted to help this corporate woman like a true gentleman. At the same time, his shameless heart popped up cutely to tell him that she is in his heart! And he started thinking about her relentlessly and it often brought a sparkling smile on Ajay’s face whenever he thought about her. Days and months have passed, he did not receive any calls or a message from her.

The prolonged absence without any clue made him feel weak mentally and he was losing his temper quite frequently. He embraced solitude and books were his best company. He put on weight and grew beard to have a serious and unapproachable look for people around him. A year has passed and Ajay continued to work in the same clinic.

On a Sunday, he was relaxing after his lunch. He got a call from an unknown number. He hated to take calls from strangers on a week end because it often engages him for a new work. So he took the call unenthusiastically and said…Hello…Dr. Ajay here!

And the other side sweetly tweeted through her voice…..Hello Doctor…this is Sandhya here! Hope you remember me. I had come to your clinic…..

Ajay interrupted like a manner less child and said….I distinctly remember you.  Where have you undergone the test?  Hope you are out of the danger zone. And I had waited for your calls with all the details… he kept on going….
Sandhya interrupted and spoke like a chirpy bird…Doctor….Ajay..!!! Will you let me complete?

This made Ajay’s excited mind to become placid instantly..!!! Tried his best to act normal…and said…yeah please, go ahead!

Sandhya apologized for not contacting him for any details. But she asked him if he was free in the evening, and she expressed her desire to meet him personally. Ajay was over whelmed and felt like singing… “ arrey re arrey re kya huva! Mein nahin jaanaa…” it is like bursting flower pots in his garden with full zest. However he tried his best to mask all his emotions, and answered her that he could meet her in the evening at the same clinic.  She agreed and told him that she would be there by 6.30 pm.

Ajay had a mixed feeling, Is there anything that I can expect from her? Is this meeting going to be a formal one? Perhaps a thanks giving one? With all these questions agitating in his mind he was not able to control himself. But slept like a log in anxiety. When he woke up, it was 7pm and there were fifteen miss calls from “Sandhya”!!! He felt stupid and cursed himself for being so irresponsible. But without further delay, he called her immediately. Sandhya was on her way back home, and attended the call very politely. With her honey drenched voice…asked him “Were you busy with some patient?” I am sorry, called you so many times.

Ajay was dumbfounded and felt…what an idiot I am! But his heart felt the distraction so he prayed…“oh god! Please bless me ab
undantly so that I can marry this sweet girl”.
And replied to her that he was sorry for not taking her calls. He refrained himself from   giving any reason because that might mar his image.  Also he did not want to lose the opportunity, therefore asked her to come to the Reliance mall. She agreed happily without any further negotiations.

The mall was decorated as lot of sale was going on and since it was a Sunday crowd was much more than on a regular day. He wondered that how come people have so much money to spend in Malls? But still we claim that India is a poor country! He bought a chocolate for her and a card asking “Sorry!” Without thinking cautiously on the consequences of the meeting he truly enjoyed doing all this.  

Sandhya the angel of Ajay’s heart, arrived soon and gave a bright smile towards him. But her eye brows twitched to see him with a fully grown beard. Ajay smiled back and said, “I am elated to know that you could recognize me”. She conveyed her reply in a simple smile. And they proceeded to the foot court and ordered for a fresh juice.

So Ms. Sandhya, how is life? And you have not changed at all…looking the same, he started. The mettle lady told him that it was nice that he remembered her so much. (Ajay thought to himself that “when did I forget you sweets to remember you? You have swept me off and I am clean bowled with your awestruck personality”) and she continued that there are a lot of things to share and also wanted to thank him personally.
“Thank me personally?” for what??? Ajay got little serious now!

Yes…Doctor, she began to unleash herself….Dr. Ajay, I have to thank you for all the words that you spoke out fearlessly on that day when I came to meet you at the clinic. Your one question changed my life and that was, “Do you have it in you now? “it was my turning point and also to gain my self-esteem back. I didn’t go through any test, and I am legally separated from Manish, my ex-husband.  I shifted back to the USA about eight months ago…recently I came to know that you are also a divorcee, I felt like meeting you because my respect for you got converted into emotions. I truly felt refreshed after our first meet at the Clinic. Your outlook towards life is impressive, even after going through series of traumatic events. I can understand now, “what is a divorce? Whether it is after a few years or after some (countable) days! 
The pain is acute to accept that one is being rejected.”
And we share the same platform in this regard, my heart melts every time when I think about you. I have to confess to you that if I undergo the test now, the result will be negative. Yes…I am not a virgin anymore! 

And If you are fine with my past, “May we share our future together?” she finished with a deep look.
Ajay was dumbstruck!!!

He craved to celebrate the moment by singing a happy song…and thought, “oh my god!!! What a girl she is!!!” an independent thinker, modest, beautiful, confident and at the same time can show her emotions directly like a guided dart. Her attitude attracted him a lot more than anything. Unlike his ex-wife, Sandhya was not arrogant though she had all the qualities to be one.

He was enthralled by her words which made him quiet for a few minutes…but slowly and softly said, “Yes! I will be the luckiest man on the earth if I can marry you”! And looked at her…They both smiled but it was a meaningful smile, very profound, typical soul mates feelings that they could experience. To retain the excitement, “Ajay started to spice it up…fine! Let us have an agreement as to what we expect from each other!!! She laughed and conveyed “Ladies first”.

She gave her list…
1.    Have to say every day that I look beautiful
2.    No cooking on Sundays
3.    One exclusive bike ride every week
4.    Have to appreciate all the gifts that I purchase for you, no nasty comments!
5.    Should never go off to sleep when I am talking to you ( and I am quite a talkative girl)
6.    Music is my interest so I may like listen to it all alone!
Ajay asked her….where were you before? I was expecting some big damage for my pocket…and all your demands are so naïve and I am so blessed to have you. In his ecstatic status, Ajay told her that I have nothing to say, except only one thing… “Please be with me forever”!

She held his hand tight…and that gesture gave him the assurance of their bonding! And she said…This world looks so beautiful Ajay and that is because of you! He winked at her and said…it will be always my Senorita!

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  • avatar image
    Balagopal Keeran's blog
    August 6, 2015

    Excellent….you have managed to bring out those deep faceted emotions which really cause turmoils in many a lives so beautifully..please continue writing with more vigour and zeal – perhaps a novel nexxt time…God bless you.

  • avatar image
    Roopa Pukkella
    August 7, 2015

    Amazing Story! I always admired your passion for writings.I really like the way you kindle deep down emotions with your writing style.Indeed its god's gift!God bless you and looking forward for more stories from you.

  • avatar image
    August 7, 2015

    @Balagopal Keeran's blog Thanks for your dil se words. And i am enthralled to receive the blessings too. Hopefully i should improve and write a novel as you said.
    Thanks form the bottom of my heart for such encouraging words 🙂

  • avatar image
    August 7, 2015

    @Roopa Pukkela …Hey girl…i am happy to see your comment here, didnt expect though. Thanks da..for all the sweet words. is god's grace that i have grown this much 🙂
    Thanks once again…:)

  • avatar image
    November 13, 2015

    Superb!! I just can’t stop reading. Really appreciate all your posts. Have read many on single day.

    • avatar image
      November 13, 2015

      Hii…I thank you very much for your kind words on my write ups. Indeed gave me an instant vitamin dose 🙂

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