Vindya Ayyar

Is our life "jinga lalaa?"

It is a rainy day…and Kerala is famous for it, I sat in the balcony to enjoy the fresh mixture of mud and water, droplets from the sky, the cool air, and also the most synchronized noise of this sudden down pour…with a cup of coffee!

People are running and looking for a shelter and the ones with umbrellas are marching against the challenges to reach their destination. I started thinking…about the inconveniences and the external barriers of our life. A few questions that were distracting me was…Are we all happy?  What is our mind set?

Once again, professional way of thinking has hit my brain and the left brain in me suddenly felt fresh (because I hardly use it) to analyze things logically! The generations and their thinking pattern, became the incessant thought and I did a deep search to arrive at some convincing points.

It is a profound one, however the person who stroked my mind was none other than the genius “Maslow” and his theories. I wanted to compare all the three generations and I feel that I am one of the victims of confused 70s born. Because my generation had witnessed black and white TV (later color TV of course) and only with two channels to fall back on, experienced life without even a land line connection and only a few friends in touch with during vacation. We are neither too old nor too young to feel “cool”

And the HR in me woke up again…to come up with a statement that “Diversity is the mother of Progression”

Older generation wanted to be one trick pony, Retirement from the same company in a graceful manner, ample amount of Savings, many were blessed with more than five children therefore planned their future to be safe and secure and the best is… they lived happily…!

And the Next ones…who belong to my era…would like to look for benefits, switching over to another job was done diligently, these people have multi-tasking ability as the zeal in them to update with the younger generation put them on grind to learn. Looked for opportunities to learn while doing their job and took a break once a year to unleash themselves! Yet, they worry about their future because saving is not enough to survive, so always in the rat race knowingly and unknowingly, and sometimes with right competitors and sadly with not so good ones too!

Today’s “Y” generation wants to take up the job for a specified time period. They are bold to follow their passion, still Money is very important to them! They understand the spoken and unspoken words of others, however the reaction is mostly not direct and immediate, they calibrate in a corporate way! Believes in Sabbatical, and take the risk of going off track and explore life in a path what they believe to get complete satisfaction. Going on Holidays are part of their life style and thus there is no culture of saving at all. When they work they work like donkeys and when they party they party as though there is no tomorrow!

One cup of coffee brought me many data of human behavior!!!  I am thanking Maslow once again as he explained the different needs very clearly. So my conclusion is when the basic needs are fulfilled we tend to
identify ourselves and happiness quotient changes to a larger extent. This shows that we have progressed..!!! 

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    May 11, 2015

    I am wondering how a person can think so philosophically on "It is a rainy day…and Kerala is famous for it, I sat in the balcony to enjoy the fresh mixture of mud and water, droplets from the sky, the cool air, and also the most synchronized noise of this sudden down pour…with a cup of coffee!". LOL..Just wanted to say enjoy life.

    You certainly have traits to be a good thinker. You have nailed down following things in your post:

    Reframe problems to get to the bottom of things, in terms of root causes
    Challenge current beliefs and mindsets, including your own
    Seek patterns in multiple sources of data
    Understand what drives other people's agendas, including what remains hidden

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    May 11, 2015

    Thank you for your comment and nice to see a detailed one 🙂

    I m enjoying my life which is why i am able to think differently instead of running for a transport or for an umbrella on a rainy day!

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