Vindya Ayyar

One Master and Many voices!!!

Salman Khan…the star! Finally found guilty for his act. Happy with the verdict, though delayed but not denied. He is a person who goes out of his to way to help and spends on charity. However the way he delayed and manipulated his statements is seriously not acceptable. 
And now…seeking bail on Neuro- ailment issue. Jail will bring him trauma! Utter Farce…how can people argue like this to escape? 
Every victim goes through this kind of mental turbulence when they are put in jail. What is the difference? HE is SALMAN!!! The ultimate show man..!

All is fair in love and war..and now even for Bollywood actors too! Because they are not fighting in high altitudes, but total disposition of their attitude! They are not anchored at the middle of the sea but surely their greediness is out to “see” and lastly they are not in a fighter aircraft..and they are fighting with normal blokes!!! 

Will he ever answer to his inner voice? Can he not feel guilty? Is real and reel life one and the same? And the entire Bollywood clowns are in favor of him. because..he is well connected!!! All worry about their own future. Half of the victims have fled to their home town. And the so called compensation is quite negligible as they are incapable of taking up any major work due to the injury. 

Role models have to lead by example. Manipulation, aggression, showing authority and silently operating his moves to delay exhibits the true colour of him. Poor taste…For what? Just to act in more movies, endorsements..etc. 
No-one is indispensable and all his social work can continue. Its repulsive to read all the glib excuses. 

Its better to be an ordinary simple person without any curse than to flaunt in a swanky car, lives in galaxy…and claim to fool people that I believe in “being human”. 

People can pray for him..but he has to endure the term if he is a human being!

We the Muggles crib…he the “Salman” conquers!!!

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