Vindya Ayyar

Beauty and the “Beard”
This is the time people are too engaged in their talks about men in blue and bleed blue! And I for a change, pushed my thoughts train to travel and explore the “beard” look of a man and what significance it can add to them.  Men are left with not too many choices as far as their look is concerned, one distinct difference they can bring in their appearance is through sporting a beard or a stubble (who didn’t appreciate John Abraham’s stubble look?) it can cover up the shortcomings of the face and adds more value to get that “ one more glimpse” of it.  
In ancient days beard symbolized the manhood and wisdom. Men in those days felt as though it is their valued possessions.  In fact, punishments were offered like shaving off the beard to humiliate the cowards. There is a story that Abraham Lincoln was advised by a little girl to grow a beard as she thought that it would suit his face and he would look classy! The “great” followed her suggestion and this not only changed his image but also gained him loads of confidence.
In old movies…we used to see clean shaven look heroes and over grown and shabby beard of the villain, however this jinx is broken completely! Thanks to the serious movies because the character needed the intense look! And yes…beard is in vogue and back again with a thumping majority! The contribution from many sportsmen and other celebrities has helped in projecting this special look as a widely accepted personality in this fashionista era!
When I was young, I was always fascinated to strike a conversation with a person who had a beard, because I was convinced that he is more knowledgeable and can talk good. Later…I came to know some of the interesting factors behind the beard! I was told that, men have beard when they want to tell the world that their love is doomed, or to proclaim their unemployed status or when they want to hide their pimples. And the last one is too interesting and unbelievable…which is husband sports a beard when he is expecting his child!!! This is to gain sympathy and importance along with his pregnant wife!!!
Chocolate boy image is one phase in every man’s life…to get admired and feel too good about oneself. However our very own Shah Rukh earned better brownie points for his “Chak de” looks than an ever sweet lover boy persona. Researchers from the University of South Wales have come to a conclusion that 10 days beard is more attractive to women, Therefore having a beard is almost like wearing your attitude now ( Virat Kohli is the best example) if you can grow it flaunt it guys!!! However… style it to get a well sculpted face, macho and mature look. And why not? It is a man’s thing…!!!

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