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a rose is not " JUST" a rose!!!
a rose is not ” JUST” a rose!!!

Valentine’s Day a designed day and brings extreme pleasure for people who are in love. It helps to open up the emotional window of the brave hearts who are ready to elevate their single status to double, of course there is no exception for other mortals like me who are committed (or) married to expect special pampering to validate their long commitment. So it has become more popular in India for a grand celebration.

There are lot of back ground stories as to why February 14th is being celebrated as lovers day. And this merry making day includes proposals with a Rose. A rose is a rose is a rose! There are different perceptions for this profound single statement. My knowledge is limited to offer a cerebral approach to what the scholar had actually meant! However “The Rose” is very close to my heart, because it symbolizes pure love in my dictionary.

The qualities of a woman can be compared with roses! Beautiful, Yet short lived like our physical appearance. Thorns are required to safeguard from the ones who don’t know how to admire! It is indeed special among st all the other flowers due to its fragrance and demeanor. Also everyone likes to be around when it is fully smiling and on the contrary many don’t even look at it when it withers. She (read it as Rose) is then recycled for cosmetic benefits, even after losing her charm and shine. So she stands tall in her attitude like a real woman.

Guys and Girls…one question which is pondering over in my mind is, does your lady love deserve a Rose/ Roses from you? In the same way, does he have the qualities to take care of you like how the rose has to be handled? Falling in love is easy, but being in love with the same person is quite challenging in this pragmatic world.

Valentine’s Day has its own significance, therefore if you are planning to buy roses for your love….then ask these questions to yourself.
1. Are you sure of this person? 
2. Are you giving life to your actions? 
3. Do you really mean your words?
4. Do you feel divinity in the affection? 
5. Is it giving enjoyment even while yearning for the special one?

If your answers are yes…offer it to the real woman who knows that her love cannot be measured and also accept it from a man who doesn’t have to validate his love through his super inflated bank balance. Earn your Roses from your man for your attitude and grant your love to a man who is true from heart, because…


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    Sreelatha Ganesh
    November 5, 2015

    nice read..enjoyed !!…and also we can say that no two roses look similar, definitely there is a difference….. may be in curls, curves, shape, size and ofcourse the colour. Same way every girl is different …so she needs to be accepted and appreciated for what she is..:-)

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      February 23, 2016

      yes…every rose has its own speciality, and for me every comment is important. Thanks a ton 🙂

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