Vindya Ayyar

We make a living by what we get,
We make a life by what we give.
                               Winston Churchill
What is life? What is living? And what is the fullest living?  What are we supposed to do?
Call out loudly;  go for a trip with all our savings; give a damn to people and walk with our attitude; tie oneself with restrictions and follow a military regiment life; take the name of our favorite god and say that everything is god’s will. Because things which make an average urban man /woman happy to the core are either illegal, unethical or fattening.  However we all know that ZINADGI NA MILEGI DOOBARA!!! So…let us plunge in to scan a few things which will really make our living worth to its fullest.
If we ask our youngistans to voice their opinion on living to the fullest, they would perhaps say that one should not be disturbed at any time by anyone! Their freedom is more important than anything else and every relation must understand that they need space!!! The flattened world made our physical neighbors distant from us and brought many other far ones closer through virtual world. This generation invests time to create and then condition their digitally designed destiny. At the same time, the small town dwellers or people from a rural areas will probably agree that they are all living happily despite not having many of the facilities. Paradoxically, we would still get to witness many of them wanting to join the bandwagon of the urban crowd. This is primarily because they have high goals and a strong ambition to achieve it.
Living and happily living or Living to the fullest have separate meanings. One of the key factors to have a smooth life is to have a positive attitude towards people and situations. Perception is also playing a pivotal role in keeping one happy. During the Kargil battle, I was once in the hospital waiting for my turn. I saw a small boy collecting money from people for Pakistan soldiers. Out of curiosity I asked him why he did so. He gave a stunning reply to me that people in India are collecting money for Indian soldiers only, and who will do for Pakistanis? This little one was seven years old then. This gesture moved my strong heart to show empathy towards our enemies too.  Therefore I understood the way to show kindness through his perception.  
Inter personal relations is another set of under explored area which people have to nurture each day by watering it with true involvement. Glib promises, fake affections and calculative heart will never make a person live peacefully. Having a healthy relationship is like tweeting in Twitter account. If we take a break, then people will forget us easily. So it should be a regular thing in our life.  Accept the people as they are and taking full responsibility for our actions will enhance our personality and thereby make our life more worthy.
When I was young, the word “stress” was an unheard term. However, IT boom has also contributed to this word becoming a cliché to a large extent. Being economically sound is very sweet to ears and the rat race is all for this majorly. In the grand scheme of things money is necessary because needs have to be fulfilled and desires will never end. When we go clueless as to what are our needs and what are the desires, we experience stress. Shah Rukh Khan sleeps only for four or five hours in a day. Because he loves acting and that gives him the ultimate bliss. So when we do things with passion we do not feel stressed. This is an important take away to understand more about our stress level. If we want to work for more than twelve hours we should do it. But there is no point in feeling stressed or whining about it. Life will give hundred reasons to cry but if we can find out thousand reasons to smile, then we will never feel stress.
Giving back to society is a superb way to lead our life to the fullest. This reminds me the advertisement of “Incredible India” where Aamir Khan features to share the gyan at the end. But it is shame on us that the foreigners who laugh at us on every violation of the rules. This is quite apparent that people are taking our own nation for granted and also convince themselves that “phir bhi dil hei Hindustani”!!! Adhering to rules do give us small pressures however it will give huge happiness and satisfaction in the long run, it is we who have to experience it.
Healthy mind or Healthy body? Is a topic for group discussion during recruitment process! Healthy mind has an empathetic view, great listening skills, having an attitude to learn at any time and from anyone! Healthy body compliments it by supporting it in full swing. If we can cleanse our mind at regular intervals our body will trot along with us without complaints.
To conclude I would like to highlight a few points that are to be prohibited to have our life larger than us….Complaints, bad moods, resentment, living in the past and surrounding oneself with negative people.
And at the same time………if we truly want to live life king / queen size then… laughter, unconditional love, practicing the art of kindness, self-discipline, integrity and the last but definitely not the least…is living each moment as if it were your last on the earth!!
Living life to the fullest is a state of mind and not a display of our status!!!!

By  Vindya S Ayyar 

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