Vindya Ayyar

The best victory our country has witnessed now!!! 
The congress party has to do a thorough post-mortem of their 10 years kingdom. I chose the word kingdom because it is the Gandhi family which was ruling it directly and indirectly. 
As a True responsible citizen of India I am really happy and welcoming the change wholeheartedly. It is a long anticipation from every person who is surviving with full of hopes!!! There are two issues which  evoked my attention.
Congress was not able to communicate to the people in which way Mr. Modi and his party workers have done. Mr. Rahul Gandhi was born with a silver spoon got opportunity to study in one of the best institutions, yet he failed to connect with hearts!!!!!!!!!! A thought provoking and an interesting point is, communication skills coupled with humility are the accepted key factors in today’s scenario.  Youth India feels that they are not getting proper guidance and also “chaltha hei” attitude is creeping in in their mind. So staying connected with people who matter to us is more important than absenting oneself from issues.
And the second learning I would like to share is for the parents. Though it is a sensitive issue, there is a strong message to the parents that they have to give up their aspiration and let the children decide what they want to do. Then we would have seen Mr. Rahul Gandhi in some other field perhaps excelling.
Leave your child to make his fortune like Mr. Modi, smothering will only make your child clueless, protected, indecisive and failure. Lastly…I salute THE INDIAN MOTHER and the unsung HEROINE Mrs. Modi who gifted us an able leader!!!
Jai hind!                                                                                             Jai Namo!!!

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    Manoj Kumar
    September 10, 2014

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    Manoj Kumar
    September 10, 2014

    After a long fight.. we got the Real Leader (Mr. Modi). The Thinking should be high as the our new Leader have. I have learnt many things from him like what kind of positive thinking and the passionation should have.

    Also, I would like to salute that Indian mother who has gifted us a Great Leader.

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