Vindya Ayyar

To my valentine….with love!

How many hearts I should have? Asking myself so many times…
How many moments I should save?  As you created all the flames!!
Yesterday was different as I had “you” to hold my hands!
Today is full of emotional turbulence….
“Memories” are trotting me
For a complete trance!!!
Though you are away…you sway my day!
You know the secret of towing my strength in all possible ways!!!!
A roller coaster ride….indeed it is my pride!
At times I don’t abide…..even when you truly guide!!!
Words are just words when others utter!
Chords that are attached when you mutter..!
Sensible they are….eligible for twitter….
My responsible lad, I  m going bonkers…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This poem is not sufficed to pour my heart out!
The place is not enough for me to shout…!!
Wish you were here to tell me the three magical words!
Do you know the depth of what it denotes???
We will be together as always as my valentine for all the coming years!
It is not just a statement….i affectionately swear…!!

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    Ajay Kontham
    February 14, 2013

    Beautiful. 🙂

    And Happy Valentine's Day Ma'am. 😀

  • avatar image
    March 6, 2013

    each n every word is full of so much love…
    M in trance!

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