Vindya Ayyar

We came to this city of destiny Vizag in 2007. I was coming from Mumbai, therefore I was mentally prepared that I will have different experience in this small town!!!!!
Then, my job hunt started from Dwarkanagar to MVP colony. Though I could impress the employers, but I didn’t find the “Mumbai pay” here! After a few days, I reconciled myself and not to search Mumbai in “Vizag” in terms of everything.
And the change in my attitude helped me to get into a B.School, as a faculty for communication skill subject for the first year students. My first day in the class…..
Can’t forget!!!!!!!
First of all, I was really nervous as they were taller than me!!! and passing comments in Telugu, (Thank god, I didn’t understand) But students are students after all…………. So I won their hearts and continued teaching rather communicating with them effectively.
And my Mumbai friends started teasing by calling Professor in Pink!!!!! Life was going on smoothly and I was brimming with happiness! VINDYA ON CLOUD 9”
Once in our Naval party, I was bragging to people that I am a trainer and take classes for MBA students! One intelligent officer asked me whether I was teaching in “Gitam college”, and there…….I had a mild heart attack and came to mother earth also realized that I need to achieve more!!!!  So my journey began but in full swing now! I left the job in the and looking for good opportunities. In the meanwhile, I got an offer to work as a camp in charge for a summer camp project for children up to 15 years at Yoga village. It was a huge success. However, my heart said, “go girl ………….find your real happiness and that was an official entry in “Gitam college”!
True prayers are always answered, so I got an opportunity to interview the BBA students for a Mock session. I felt like flying in the sky with my Dream man (MS Dhoni) Yet, human mind is never satisfied so as i!
And finally……..I got the CHANCE to come to Gitam to teach!!! And that too for Engineering students. Wow……….. my first class was ECE branch. As expected, Students were very obedient and intelligent too! I needed an ice breaker to tune them to jump on the bandwagon of my kind of teaching. I played the “signature game”, nobody came to take sign from me!!!! and I felt that “yes! Lot of tuning is required” However, I got the feeling that they enjoyed my session at the end! Teachers are Psychologist at times…………hahahaha!
And the next day, another big day for me as I went to EIE class………ooohhh! They all looked at me as though a queen has entered their kingdom! The enthralling welcome by clapping and whistling!!!!!!!! And I was completely flattened also skipped heartbeats and confessed to them that “UNFORTUNATELY I AM MARRIED”…….It is one of my memorable experinence.The journey continued with Mechanical engineering students totally challenging me with their questions. I had a wonderful time with the all of them. At present, I take class for all the students irrespective of their streams. I have become a popular face in “Gitam” now. And I feel that I am one among them. I am their guide, teacher; friend , special friend for some of them, counselor and the list goes on! I proudly say that Gitam is like my second “Home” now! And my dream came true!!!! Hope this journey will continue year after year till we leave vizag officially!

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    November 9, 2010

    mam then the first student in entire GITAM to ask for ur signature should be me naa.. 😉
    means indirectly i m the first to invite u to gitam family.. 🙂

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    Srikar Damaraju
    January 31, 2011

    Vizag: Small town, big hearts.!

  • avatar image
    April 10, 2011

    can nvr forget ur class mam… :)) wish we have it everyday… atlst then i must hav been regular to college!! lol… 😀

  • avatar image
    sampath raaja
    October 30, 2011

    nice blog mam,,,,,

  • avatar image
    sampath raaja
    October 30, 2011

    y don't u change the theam of da blog

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