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Mother’s love is unconditional and never expects anything in return, as we are aware of this definition for a perfect mother. But super mom is in the look out! As our youngistans prefer their mothers to be like “HORLICKS, HAMAM AND SANTOOR SOAP” moms always smiley and immaculate. Super mom is a lady who is in great demand…but what are the parameters???     

It is harder for the working mother to acquire this title because she has the guilt of not being at home 24/7. So…what about the stay at home mothers? Yes, they have more involvement and do contribute more than the working moms. However, these days everything comes with a package.
I did a small survey….i learnt that these are the qualities which are required to be a “super mom”….
1.Should be a good cook not only traditional dishes but also burger, pizza and all the junk stuff.
2.Should know to speak English better than their teacher. (even if you speak they may not agree and one has to be modest and take it in your stride)
3. Must know driving, because a mother will be on call at anytime either to drop them or pick them up.
4. One should have enough social awareness so as to converse with their friends.
5. Generosity is tested at Mc.donalds, Pizza hut and KFC, and this is the real test of how you are letting them make their choice without any apprehension.
6.Kids are more adaptable!!! They get calls at odd hours and as a mother one must feel proud that the child has a lot of energy stored to answer the calls at any time!!!
7.Friends are their priority, if mothers understand and decide not to….that gives them a wild card entry for this title.
8.An important one, must ensure that the child has not got a title as “geek” or “nerd” by their friends. Therefore one has to restrict their study timings and let them be with their peers…
9.All their friends must say that “you” are the coolest mom, that makes them more happy than a better grade in their surprise test!
When I used to give hard time to my mother, my mother used to tell me “wait till you have children of your own, then you will know the real plight”. But now…it is all out of question to utter these words to this generation kids as they don’t connect a life without a phone, cable TV, Malls and Inox..their life style is entirely different. These kids are “super and smart kids”, I may not get qualified in the super mom’s race……however I am still trying…..:)

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    Dr.Suguna Kannan
    November 8, 2010

    Wonderful insights into life as a professional and a homemaker! Keep up the good work – hope to read a lot of interesting info!

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    November 8, 2010

    best wishes for a "super mom" for da new blog and a wonderful writeup. hope to see many more such things…
    all the best….

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    November 9, 2010

    I dont want a super mom.. 🙁 i want my super strict mom coz its only bcoz of her im what im today and what all i did was just just bcoz of she saying yes/no to my requests .. 😉
    Im superior to "NO-ONE" is superior to me

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    November 9, 2010

    but ur ideas and thoughts are really superb .. 🙂

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    January 29, 2011


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    July 22, 2011

    super mom!!!
    al the criterias seem to b teen criterias.
    thank god i hav crossed my teens..
    to me my mom is a "super super mom" though she satisfies none of the above mentioned points.
    my mom is a typical 9 to 5 parent and i remember the way i grew up going to creches, and staying alone at home from 5 years of age. i feel that it gave me good xperience. being a working mom she gave me those values which i guess best home making mohers also may not b able to give..

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    uma .M.
    December 20, 2011

    Great writing, good observation and you have put it well. Yes…i keeo pondering…..about me.
    And you are a super mom! needless to say! Keep writing!

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